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Pakorax GmbH
August-Bebel-Strasse 3
04565 Regis-Breitingen

GST-ID: DE293499732
Registration: HRB 28833 P
CEO: Stephan Manteufel

Please contact us through the provided web form or email us at


webdesign & more
Michael Piontek
Zum Flachstal 105
99974 Kaisershagen


Legal warnings

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We assure to delete or correct faulty images, texts or links straight away, therefore you woud not need to bring any law support in place. Engaging a lawyer to raise a cease-and-desist warning as subject to charge does not go along with their true or presumptive motivation and would infringe with German Law §8 Abs. 4 UWG (§242 BGB) due to track irrelevant aims as main reason of raising a lawsuit with especially intention of raising costs as true motive as well as your obligation to minimise the scathe.

Claimed costs without contacting us in advance through the provided channels would be completely rejected and might cause counter action due to misconduct the above paragraphs.

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