A walk or a kayak trip frees the mind and breathes new life into thoughts that get clogged up with daily routines. We value our nature and would like to contribute to keep it in a way that our children and their children can enjoy. The same applies to a stable and lively society. Therefore the topic of sustainability is always present in our thinking and acting.
We pursue several approaches to minimise our ecological footprint and to protect nature. For business travels, we have recourse to use public transportation and rent cars only on rare occasions. The Pakorax GmbH has no fleet of cars, just push bikes. We rely on electric power from the provider Naturstrom that has evidently been produced from renewable souces.
The selection of equipment takes place under consideration of energy efficiency, expected lifetime and deployed materials, along with the place of manufacture and the ensuing route of transportation. Before replacement of any device, we canvass repairing first. Lastly we pursue the attempt of a paperless office although this does not work out all the time, but we are getting better and better at it.
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