2003 – Freelancer Stephan Manteufel

Born of necessity, Stephan Menteufel started as a freelance software developer. Due to the burst of the dot-com bubble and relatively little work experience, the business didn’t get off to a great start. However, not giving in, but exploring and conquering foreign markets, he eventually brought it to the break-even stage.

2008 – Manteufel Individual Software

The tasks continued to grow in both range and complexity and rapidly he was able to enter into areas that are generally hard to penetrate as a freelancer. The time came to switch the legal base and from that point the individual enterprise Manteufel Individual Software took action.

Project based collaboration with local freelancers and companies began increasing due to the fact larger projects could now be realised.

2014 – Pakorax GmbH

Because of changing circumstances, it became necessary to pass the operation completely on to Pakorax GmbH but the Manteufel Individual Software still remains alive, which means that over the years the successful business model stays basically unchanged.

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